Click to enlargeEverything They* Ever Told Me Was A Lie: Volume One

The title says it all . . . Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie: Volume One (paperback, 280 pages).  Investigative journalist, author and radio show host Pat Shannan lays it all out in no uncertain terms. Completing a work that took four years to research and document, the author discovered so much suppressed information that it has been divided into two volumes.

Volume One is a blockbuster, spanning the past half century and covering the unknown facts about the JFK assassination through the Pat Tillman and Obama controversies of current times.   The author takes a hard look at all the evidence including the altered and intentionally fabricated FBI official reports he found.  Learn new insights into the assassinations of Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King and the attempt on Ronald Reagan.  How could Arthur Bremer fire seven shots from a five-shot revolver the day he nearly killed Gov. George Wallace in 1972?  Why was Pat Tillman murdered in Afghanistan in 2004? Why do such ridiculous lies as the 9-11 official story not only survive but thrive and become accepted truths? This book also explains how the
the unconstitutional use of legal tender created from thin air is the hidden power behind the expansion of the central government.

Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie
explains from the outset exactly who "They" are and how a cooperative news media, by ignoring facts and refusing to address pertinent questions, allow outrageous lies to meld into definite, indisputable truths.  It shows that government plots survive because of little or no investigation and only through the aid of a cooperative and controlled mainstream media.  This book is a tour de force destroying the government lies and exposing the cover-ups of the past 50 years. 


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