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To encourage grass roots activism, bumper stickers are now being sold at cost. Get your today and begin awakening those around you.  

The End The Fed movement is gaining momentum and it is now more important than ever to continue spreading this all important message. 

The End The Fed Bumper Sticker is designed in the style of our very popular End The Fed t-shirt.  Our most detailed bumper sticker to date, this eye-catching design includes the phrase End The Fed and Arrest The Banksters along with  Black background with white image and text. Measures 11.5 inches x 3 inches.

Sold in a 15 pack for $3.95.  Save further by purchasing the 50 pack for $9.95 or 100 pack for only $17.95 and share them with others. Get yours today and help spread this key message about the true root cause of the American financial crisis. 

**Infowars Stickers are only intended for legal and lawful use. Please refrain from defacing any public property. Respect your fellow citizens' private property rights and do not post stickers without prior consent. Alex Jones and Free Speech Systems, LLC do not condone any illegal, prohibited or disrespectful use of Infowars.coms stickers and are not liable for any damages resulting from the inappropriate use of these stickers.**


Click to enlargeEnd The Fed Bumper Stickers - 15 Pack
Click to enlargeEnd The Fed Bumper Stickers - 50 Pack
Click to enlargeEnd The Fed Bumper Stickers - 100 Pack

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