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Manufactured by the C.Crane Corporation

Discover the freedom of sending a wireless broadcast of any audio (music audio, streaming audio, MP3 audio etc.) to any FM radio anywhere in your home, car or office!

The FM Transmitter uses FM radio waves to send sound from any device you choose (as long as it has a headphone jack) to any nearby radio or stereo system. The only wire you have to connect is from the FM Transmitter to your gear. Simple as that. And since the Transmitter works with any device that has a headphone jack, you can use it with CD players, satellite radios, and any other audio device with a headphone jack. One of the unsung qualities of C. Crane's Digital FM Transmitter is its extreme versatility. While most people use it to send music from their computers or MP3 players to a nearby radio, some customers have told us how they use it with their guitars, portable DVD players (a lot of fun in cars), and even other radios.

This is the perfect device for broadcasting internet radio programs from your computer to nearby FM radios. They may be tiny, but they pack and powerful punch, and feature an incredible potential broadcast range of up to 100 ft outdoors and 60-70ft indoors. Even greater broadcast distance may be possible with different antenna connections. That means with this dynamite little transmitter you can share streaming audio like the Alex Jones Show, other great Patriot radio programs, and even podcasts with your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

AC adapter included, or use 2 optional “AA” batteries.

Our FM Transmitter is one of the few transmitting devices available that is FCC approved.

Choose any FM frequency between 88.3 MHz and 107.7 MHz.

Portable, fits in the palm of your hand. Weight: 5.8 oz. Size 3" W x 3.5" H x 1" D.

Available in black, white and silver.

Works perfectly with any of our great Shortwave Radios

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RWT-FMS-SIL-1 $69.95